Friday, September 12, 2008

photo essay

saturday. yes, he's the shortest on the team. but he's also the youngest. so there.

sunday. thought he would try looking like mommy.

monday. visited our old neighbors in othello.
while we were out. before:
after. we had to box everything up. can't complain. only remodel we'll never have to pay for. and i have finally been blessed with a dishwasher!!! and a ceiling fan!!
tuesday. enjoying an evening roll down the hill before summer is over.

wednesday. lily in her dance class.
again, wednesday. took some pictures of the kids.

and jumped across the irrigation ditch with freshly picked apples. thanks, hajny's!


Anjuli Fry said...

Those are great pictures! Your kids are so cute, I love Blake's hair!!

Lore Smart said...

love the pictures, the black and white one by the barn door is so cool, so professional looking. Lilly looks so much like you.

Plain City Dickamores said...

loved the pictures rachel. Blakes hair is darling. love the apple shot.

Stan and Jamie said...

very cute pictures!!

Momoko Photography said...

I love the mohawk. Love the kids.

The Dillon 6 said...

great pictures! I am VERY envious of that barn door picture! is that your blue house?? I like the kitchen re-do, too!

aaron & rachel smith said...

i wish that blue house was ours! it belongs to our friends, the hajny's. it's awesome.

Jaush and Amy said...

I cant wait for soccer! I look at the little shinguards and cleats and want to buy them now! Maybe next year when mine is 3 right? I look at your kids and say wow....that is me. When the next is born its Boy 2 1/2, girl 14 months and newborn! Are we crazy?

Anonymous said...

as so many other people have already said....YOUR KIDS ARE THE CUTEST!!!......just until mike and i start making babies then you'll finally have some competition :) love you ray