Friday, September 5, 2008


I had been looking forward to this day with eager anticipation for quite some time now. Especially on those days when I swear you weren't my child. My son would never not listen to me, or whine just for the sake of whining. But then I'd think of the day when you would go off to school and be gone all day learning and playing, I loved thinking about that.
Then why last night, when Daddy was giving you a back-to-school father's blessing, did I think to myself that my baby can't be going into kindergarten. I opened my eyes just to peek at you. And you were sitting there with your arms folded, eyes squeezed tightly shut, looking like such a big boy. I lost it. I cried. Not sobbing or weeping uncontrollably, but streams of silent tears found their way down my cheeks. Then Lily peeked at me. And she reached over and began wiping them away for me. I didn't want you to go anymore. It's a scary thing for a mom to do; letting go of her babies.
When I dropped you off, there were no tears from your eyes. You gave me a big hug and a big kiss and smiled a little nervous, excited smile and said, "bye". I walked out of your classroom door, and the waterworks started again.
And when I was there to pick you up, you looked like you were going to cry. I knelt down and hugged you, thinking the worst.

"Mommy....I didn't get a bracelet because I wasn't riding a bus. I told my teacher I wanted to ride a bus, but she said I wasn't because you were picking me up. You weren't supposed to pick me up. I was supposed to ride a bus home."

Well, so much for wanting your mommy. I made you chocolate chip cookies anyways.

back to school dinner of salmon, rice pilaf, asparagus, salad, yummy bread
and dessert
breakfast of champions....french toast with whipped cream, strawberries, and sausage

first day!!

his teacher


Beth Tunnell said...

You have such sweet kids. I wanted to cry just reading about your sweet blessing experience. Thank goodness we have a while for that! P.S. Your blog is a kick to read.

Kari said...

I can't believe he is old enough for Kindergarten. They may have to sedate me when Ellie starts! Then again I might be pushing her out the door.

Emily and Nathan said...

Wow Ethan is so sad to see so many of his friends heading to kindergarten without him. How exciting for you!

Plain City Dickamores said...

you can come and make me breakfast any day!!! what a great day for both you and Corgan.

The Dillon 6 said...

wowie wow wow, Corgan! Kindergarten will be fun. And don't let your Mom talk you out of that bus bracelet again -- you deserve it!!

Lore Smart said...

What a sweet letter to Corgan. I love the way you described the night before during the blessing. what a sweet mother. I hear it can be a little rough sending them off to kindergarten for the first time. What a sweet post, what a relief, I'll bet, that he is enjoying it so far.