Tuesday, September 2, 2008


We've lived here 5 years and have never gone to the Fair. Out of town or Aaron being too cheap. One year we tried to watch the rodeo on top of Craig's Hill ((it overlooks the arena)). But some fishing club was up there charging people $10 for the bird's eye view. The silly thing was that they were calling it "Freeloaders Hill", yet they were still making you pay. They need a dictionary.
This year our friends had some extra tickets he scored from a store vendor. ((he's the manger at Albertson's. well, at least until Saturday. they're moving. i don't want to talk about it.))
So we went to Extreme Bulls with them on Saturday night. It was pretty sweet. Kids at home with a babysitter. And to make it cooler, the rider who won is from Rock Springs, Wyoming! The place of my birth. ESPN will be broadcasting it on October 3rd--or was it the 5th-- at 3pm eastern. Maybe you can catch a sighting of us.

This is the champ. Doesn't he look young enough to be blessing the sacrament on Sunday's?

Oh---So we were set up real nice in the lower section of the Goldbuckle Club. We had chips, pop, pizza. And the vendors who were sponsoring it were Crown Royal and Coors. Lots of drunk, happy people. After it was over we were leaving through the building and the caterers had set out some brownies and other stuff on tables. I walked over, thinking I'd snag a brownie on the way out. I pick up a napkin and am saying "thank-you" to the caterer-man. He asks if I'm with the bull riders. I say "no". He then takes the napkin out of my hand and says "then you can't have any of this." Shafted.
Then walking down the ramp out of the building, I take what's left of the bottle of Dole Grapefruit juice out of my purse and am about to open it to drink it, when another guy--he was a rodeo worker--takes it out of my hands and says, "the seal's been broken, can't take that with you." Dude. Shafted again.
What I'm most miffed about is that I'm obviously a pregnant lady and the first guy denied me chocolate and the second guy didn't stop to think that I wouldn't have filled my juice bottle up with alcohol to get my baby drunk.
I guess they were just doing their jobs.
I still think I was shafted.


Plain City Dickamores said...

Love the rodeos and fairs. You still cant beat the Puyallup

Chelsi said...

How fun! I really wanted to go to the xtreme bulls, but like you said it's so pricey. I bet it was great! I'll just have to watch it when they broadcast it on tv I guess.