Thursday, April 10, 2008


We were leaving to go the the west side. Aaron needed to meet with his advisor to make sure things were squared away for graduation. Sitting in the parking lot, I realized I'd forgotten Blake's bottle. Quickly driving back home, I told Corgan and Lily that they would need to run in our house and drain their tanks while were there.

C: What's that?
R: That another way to say 'use the bathroom'. You need to empty out your bladder.
C: What's a bladder?
R: That's where your pee is held inside your body until it gets full and then you go potty to let out all the pee. It's kind of like a water balloon in your body; and when those get full of water you can squeeze them and all the water comes out and it's empty again.
C: A water balloon?
R: Yeah, kind of like a water balloon.
C: Oh! I know what those are!
R: You do?
C: Yeah! They're right down in there and they hang.
R: Ummm.....sure.

Some of you probably already know where's he's going with this one. I didn't.

We get home and I run around and open the sliding door. Corgan is right there. With his pants pulled down. Showing me his "bladder".

C: Right here. Here's my bladder.
R: What?! Those aren't your bladder. Those are your testicles.
C: Testicles? What are those?
R: Those are just something on your body that all boys' bodies have.
C: Oh. Ok.

Nice. Really nice.


Plain City Dickamores said...

Rachel, Hello!!! Now you need to explain to him about balls and Nuts. GOOD LUCK

Anonymous said...
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TheDillon6 said...

and that's why we don't talk about ANY of that stuff. ;)

Emily and Nathan said...

That is hilarious!!! Don't you just love little boys!

Stan and Jamie said...

Ha Ha, I busted up laughing even before the punch line! I love it when stuff like that happens, and it's always when their dad is not around...OF COURSE!!!

MoJo's Weekly Update said...

testicles huh. you're going to regret that one too.

Joshua and Jolie said...

Holy cow. I am laughing so hard that I now have to go "drain the tank." ROTFL, or however you say in in text speak.

I love how funny children can be. They are so innocent and have no idea how funny some of their questions/comments are. ;-D

Thanks for sharing!!

Sheila said...

How funny. I think it's great that you corrected him and used the proper word. It drives us crazy when parents use nicknames for their biological parts; they are what they are.